home warranty coverage comparison

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Always prompt service; sometimes it takes a day or two but it is understandable given the time of year we live in a resort type area. I would recommend this for anyone interested in relatively inexpensive peace of mind "insurance" and even as a gift to friends or family. There was an issue with my toilet and my tub draining. I filed a claim for those with American Home Shield via phone and the contractor that they sent was an awesome professional. He was clean and he cleaned everything up that he touched and put on booties when coming in. He repaired the stuff well.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

Chris received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Vanderbilt University and M.

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home warranty coverage comparison

“ Each time a independent service technician is scheduled and dispatched to Your home, You will be required to pay the Select Service Call Fee in the amount of $ Dollars. ”